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If you cannot get to us, we can come to you with selected items from our freezers. Pre-paid special orders are available on non-stock items.

30 years experience.
I can get anything with a prepaid order 1 week in advance.

Authorized Home Delivery

  • Sonny (Vito) Piccolo is our only fully authorized in-home distributor. Be sure you are dealing with Sonny to ensure you are getting the best.
  • 30 years experience
  • Guaraneed products
  • Accepting Credit/Debit/EBT
  • Sorry, no checks.

STEAK LOVERS PACKAGE $189.99. 45 meals - Compare at $378.00
Same as in store price, conveniently delivered to your home.

  • 4 USDA Select T-Bone Steaks
  • 9 USDA Choice Angus Beef Filets
  • 8 USDA Choice Sirloin Strip Steaks
  • 10 USDA Choice Beef Filets
  • 6 Usda Choice Strip Steaks
  • 8 Gigantic Pub Burgers
  • All vacuum sealed for freshness
  • DO NOT ACCEPT IMMITATORS - NO EXTRA INGREDIENTS- EVER!                                          That's the difference. What you REALLY want is USDA Choice beef with NOTHING in it.         No water, no natural tenderizers or preservatives. You just want high quality beef period. This is what you get with STEAK LOVERS! Satisfaction guaranteed.

Home delivery is limited to Steak Lovers, Chicken Lovers and Seafood Samplers.

For our full selection please visit our store.

5012 E. Broadway Av. Tampa, Fl. 33619 

  • Pay the same as in store on most products
  • Special orders available
  • Delivery charge $25.00
  • Undergoing certification of HACCP (safe food handling)
  • Extraordinary Service
  • Guaranteed products