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"You Pick It" Meat & Seafood Plans
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The greatest Meal Plans you have ever seen! Just come in and tell one of our knowledgeable associates you wish to build your own plan. There's no amount too big or small.

Step 1 :  State your budget.          

Step 2 :  Tell us what your family normally likes to eat.

Step 3 :  We customize your package on the spot! You get ONLY what you want and NONE of those items you don't.                                 ...and YOU set the price!



Now you can get exactly what you want in a package deal! You will never wind up with food you would not eat because YOU PICK IT.
It's as simple as 1-2-3
1 - Select THE DOLLAR AMOUNT of the package you want. (from $49 - $499.00)
2 - Just talk to us. Tell us what you like.
Now here is the best part: 
You tell us - We do not tell you what's in your package.
3 - We will promptly fill your order.
That's it!
You can pre-plan the amount and selections before you leave your home! It's that easy.

 YOU choose what is in YOUR PLAN.
        Get only what you want.
    It's the best thing to happen to shopping since the shopping cart.